Post Processing

When I first started photography I ignored doing retouches on my photos because I thought a DSLR will make anything look “sexy”. How naive. After tinkering around with Adobe Lightroom and Nik Software over the past weeks I am astonished by how important post production is. Here are a few examples of some photo retouches I’ve done.

As you can tell the differences are like night and day. Post Processing doesn’t even take that long for simple retouches. Most of these photos I spend around 2-5 minutes on enhancements. Keep in mind you should not always rely on post processing to enhance photos. This process should be as minimal as possible.

Check out Nik Software for some really cool photo enhancements software (
It’s compatible with Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

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  1. M-DAWG

    Hey Chanster, I really dig this photoblog. It’s easy to get bored with hobbies, but I can see you’re taking this hobby to the next level! You should definitely keep this up, you’re getting really good!

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