My Uncles Garden

I went over to my uncle’s place to get some help on a photography project i’m working on. I brought my camera because he has a very nice garden in his backyard. I also took some photos of his dog, Amber.

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  1. Karen Phung


    I know you find floral photography to be a bit boring, but after seeing your shots, I couldn’t agree less.

    Floral photography, at least for me, isn’t just about taking nice pictures of flowers. It’s about capturing beauty in its most natural form. The symmetries, the asymmetries, the unique patterns and vibrant colours—flowers represent a higher artistry that’s beyond paper, pen or paintbrush. Capturing it in a photo, and impacting its viewer, is no easy task.

    I wanted to comment on the white and violet flower photo. You have a nice interplay of two colours with an interesting backdrop of the out-of-focus stem. I think what I really like about this is the symmetry of the flower itself counterposed with the asymmetry of the circular flower and the linear stem. Great lighting, a clear and well-proportioned piece.

    Another one I really like is the statue of the garden angel. I think it works well with the other pieces collectively, because you have all these great colourful photos, and then have this powerful black and white image that is all about expression and character. I know its just a statue, but it’s the little details that really “work” for me—the black spot under her right breast, how her head is tilted up and to the right, and how you shot her off-center to make it spatially appealing. There’s something about her expression that makes this particular photo very liberating. It’s clean, it’s cool, and it intrigues me.

    When I look at these photos, I don’t just say, “Oh, that’s a nice flower”. Like you said, it’s hard for people to appreciate pictures of flowers if it’s not coming from their own garden. But when I look at these photos, I see don’t just see a beautiful image, but I learn something about the photographer. This photographer is someone who captures things that other people are missing, or just take for granted—a flower rising to meet the sun in the morning, a bee contemplating its next meal, the beauty of artistic expression, or even the raw curiosity of a dog.

    And THAT’S interesting!

  2. Alex Chan

    haha thanks for the lengthy comment karen.

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